China Dalian RuiTeng Pressing



        Dalian RuiTeng Pressing CO.,LTD covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with total assets of 10million dollar and 160 employees, is specialized in the production of various precision stamping products.
         We have professionally trained mold design and mold debugging team.
         We can design and development of stretch, fine blanking, bending and other precision stamping dies.
         Our main products: Electronic component, EPS Steering Motor Steel Housing, Automobile Sensor Signal wheel, Shock Absorber Signal Wheel, automobile engine Signal Wheel, Lithium-ion battery housing, Electron gun metal stamping parts, metal stamping printer parts, Copier parts stamping, and OEM Stamping parts.
         Dalian RuiTeng Pressing CO.,LTD, has 115 sets of processing equipment, 16T-60T punching press(16 sets), 45T multi-station punch presses(16 sets), 160T precision presses(3 sets), 15T-80T high-speed presses(8 sets), 5T-200T punching press(24 sets), Bending machine, Hot air dryer, Roller mill, etc. [more]



Contact Sales at: / +86-18040115496

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